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The average auto insurance policy in Nebraska costs approximately $54 per month. This is the average across all auto insurance policies sold in Nebraska so it includes policies without SR22 forms. There are a few things that you can do to make sure you pay the least when it comes to getting SR22 insurance quotes in Nebraska.

  • Insure all policies with the same company to take advantage of multi policy discounts
  • Increase deductibles to an affordable level so the monthly premium is affordable
  • Only carry liability insurance on vehicles ten year or older

How much does SR22 insurance cost in Nebraska?

The cost to file an SR-22 in NE is only $20-$50 depending on the auto insurance company. The real cost of the SR22 is not the filing fee rather the underlying traffic violation that requires you to have the form. If you were convicted of DUI in Nebraska your auto insurance rates are likely to increase by 70-110%. So if you were paying $60 per month before the DUI now it is likely going to be at least $100 per month.

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Is all cheap SR22 insurance the same?

Each auto insurance company will offer a different rate for an SR-22 form but be sure to know why they are different. The premium from one company to another can be as much as 45% higher. Some companies may just have higher rates in that area or there may be addition benefits of their policy over the less expensive policy. Be sure to understand the different quotes you are getting and cheaper is not always better.

How long do I need to maintain the SR-22 in NE?

The state of Nebraska will require you to carry an SR22 for three years on average but it depends on the violation. For example getting your license revoked due to excess points will require you to carry an SR22 for three years while a suspension for accident is only required until license reinstatement.

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